ComedyDevice is a tool for real life communication. It can change the flavor of conversation by adding various effects to it. ComedyDevice can operate in manual or automatic mode.

Manual mode

By pushing the buttons you can stress spoken phrases with sitcom Canned Laughter and other effects.

Buttons are present in pairs and opposite in meaning. To choose another pair swipe horizontal on the main screen in portrait orientation. There is an on-screen touch-activated hint for that.

As adopted at TV studios, during the SFX playing appears a display board that urge your audience to show corresponding emotion. You can interrupt playing by touching that display board.

Available pairs are:

Laugh | Boo – basic sitcom effects.

Applause | Whistles – useful for commenting on other's words.

Yes | No – useful when you don't want to strain your vocal cords speaking to someone, so you can give answers with your iPhone instead.

Drumroll | Crash – useful to dramatize situation with classic circus drumroll-crash sequence.

Automatic mode

To engage automatic mode touch two buttons simultaneously.

One of buttons (upper one in portrait orientation) will become Buzz-o-meter Dial, another will transform to Sensitivity Control.

Rotate Sensitivity Control to adjust sensitivity. Sensitivity level will be displayed on the Dial as red arc.

Tap Sensitivity Control to activate automatic operation of ComedyDevice.

To return to the Manual mode just touch the Dial. During the using of the automatic mode you can change button pairs in the same way as in Manual mode – by horizontal swiping.

Automatic behavior for various pairs slightly differs:

Laugh | Boo – just laughs and booes according to your speaking with Laugh effect is more frequent.

So are Applause | Whistles – with Applause is more frequent.

Yes | No – works as some sort of decision maker machine that will answer your questions.

Drumroll | Crash – will produce drumroll-crash sequence timing it according to your speaking.




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Beware that not all humans are witty and good-natured so use ComedyDevice at your own risk.

For optimal effect USE AT THE FULL VOLUME LEVEL!

When Comedy Device is in Automatic operation mode (ACTIVE pin light is shining) your iPhone will not sleep. Do not leave iPhone in Automatic operation mode for prolonged time to avoid battery draining.

© 2011, 2012 Ilya Platonov.