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What this all about?

There is very good article on origin and history of Laugh Track.

What platform ComedyDevice designed for?

ComedyDevice made exclusively for iPhone. It can be launched on iPad but this make little sense concerning conception of the program. It's purpose is to give you compact hand-held jesting device.

Besides, i wouldn't encourage you to use ComedyDevice on pre-4.3 iOS, because it's compatibility not tested yet.

What's difference between full and Lite versions of ComedyDevice?

In ComedyDevice Lite available only one pair of buttons – Laugh/Boo. Besides, the Lite version is free.

How to choose another effects?

Swipe horizontal on the main screen in portrait orientation to choose another effects set. There is an on-screen touch-activated hint for that.

In Lite version instead of effect changing you get effect-explaining dialog with the link to the App Store ComedyDevice page.

How to enter an automatic mode?

In this mode ComedyDevice applies effects automatically after words or sentences are spoken. To enter automatic mode just press both buttons simultaneously. After that, you need to adjust sensitivity level and activate automatic behavior of ComedyDevice. See ComedyDevice's internal help.

What is Default pair of buttons?

This is the buttons that will show up when you launch ComedyDevice next time.

How to master fluent Drum roll – Crash sequence?

Tap on the Drum roll button, then on the THRILL display board double tap the place where Crash button should be.

How i can check version of my ComedyDevice?

Tap on the question mark symbol and there is version number on top of the About screen, just under the caption.

How i can submit a question or report on bugs?

You are welcome to send me e-mail to support@realga.me


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